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About Senseg

Senseg is the leading innovator and provider of next-generation user experiences using a unique electrostatic approach to haptics and actuators. Our technology delivers sophisticated tactile sensations to your fingertips on touch interface devices and actuation surfaces.

Senseg Oy is a Finnish company, and a subsidiary of OFILM, which is a world-leading manufacturer of touch panels, camera modules, and smart connectivity sensors. Senseg operates as a highly-independent, well-funded advanced R&D unit of its mother company.

Senseg was founded in 2006 and acquired by OFILM in February 2016.


OFILM is an international platform enterprise that started operation in August, 2002, and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August, 2010 (Stock code: 002456). The main business of OFILM comprises optics, and solutions for photoelectrics and intelligent vehicles.

OFILM has branches in China, USA, Japan, South Korea, and Europe, and has set up R&D centers in San Jose, Tokyo, and Taipei. This allows OFILM to integrate high-quality talent and pioneering technologies into its operations, enabling OFILM to power the development of industry on a global scale.


OFILM info

  • Founded in 2001
  • $5 Billion 2017 Revenue
  • 5% of annual revenue invested in R&D
  • Global No. 3 supplier of touch panel modules
  • China No. 1 supplier of CMOS camera modules
  • China No. 1 supplier of fingerprint modules
  • Over 2000 patent International Portfolio
HQ & Offices
  • HQ: OFILM Shenzen
  • OFILM Suzhou
  • OFILM Nanchang
  • OFILM GLOBAL Hong Kong
  • OFILM Taiwan
  • OFILM Korea
  • OFILM Japan
  • ISO9001 – 2004
  • ISO14000 – 2008
  • SONY Green Partner certification – 2009
  • Samsung Eco Partner certification – 2011

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